Will you be holding a sales conference to encourage and/or re-enforce brand values and morals to company staff? Maybe your having a product launch to introduce and demonstrate new product capabilities to ongoing or potential customers?

Social Moments Event Management is not here to  make assumptions about why your having an event, or who you want to attend, but we are ready & prepared to provide the support you need to ensure your objectives are met, and your attendee and participant experience is memorable.

Using our branded A.E.L.B.  approach (outlined below), the result is a personalized rapport built between your business and your audience, and an experience remembered, well after the event has ended.

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Stimulate the interest of a defined audience with an introduction which offers a snapshot view of your event identity.

Personalize dialogue, accompanied by reassuring body language that influences a positive response and natural comfortably within your defined audience.


 Dismiss resistance! Experience the moment; and capture the memories of the event happening.

 Connect with your event attendees! Ripen rapport & strengthen the relationship!


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Have a question? Email us Events@socialmoments.net