Running a successful event involves great skill and a strong familiarity. As such, the below outlined services, provide efficiency towards achieving and enhancing your event experience.
If your confused about where to start, our pre-planning consults are 100% free.Inquire

Consulting Services

  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Virtual Consulting & FAQ Response
  • Event Management Templates
  • Vendor/Venue Referral (free)

Creative Design Services

  • Event Brand Identity Design (Personality, logo, Typography/Fonts, Colors & Visuals)
  • Event Brand Positioning
  • Event Brand Messaging
  • Event Web page Design Outsourcing

Campaign Services

  • Marketing Strategy Design
  • Sponsorship Deck Design
  • Sponsorship Proposal Writing
  • Flyer/Ticket Design & Printing
  • Promotion Video Design & Development
  • Email Campaign Design & Fulfillment
  • Social Media Ad Management Outsourcing
  • Press Release Write Up

Operational Services

  • Event Registration Fulfillment
  • Venue Fulfillment
  • Disk Jockey/Entertainment Fulfillment
  • Event Staffing Fulfillment
  • Production/Lighting Fulfillment
  • Compliance Fulfillment

Analytics Services

  • Target Audience Define & Development
  • Campaign KPI Measures & Analytics
  • Post Event Evaluations